Aimee Bagur Nelson


Watercolors and Small Gift Books/Product of the Santa Cruz Watercolor Society

I attended college in the 60’s as a literature major. A dear friend gave me a painting set (oil) she had won in an art contest. From there, my literature major floated into an art major. I have been painting since that time. I began using watercolor almost exclusively in the late 80’s. Some images are thumbnails. Please click on a selected piece to view it full sized.


also 2017:

Zee and Fleur:




Magnolia series:

Zee and Emma:










La Fontaine Series:


other recent:




Earlier work (please click to view complete painting):

Books: New Orleans Song, a greeting poem

La Belle Lulu, tale of hairless cat with a decidedly indulgent perspective on life

Words that I Like, alphabet book for collecting favorite words

Tooth Rat, New Orleans tooth fairy poem

Daybook, calendar book for collecting birthdays and special days

I am currently publishing under the ISBN registrations of Waveland Publishing. • refers to the book the painting is in. Please direct inquiries on paintings and books to this site’s comment page.