Lee Taiz

Because most of my professional life has been spent as a research biologist and science writer in plant biology, many of my paintings are botanicals. I often work in series. One series of landscape paintings is focused on California Missions. Another series focuses on allegorical and symbolic constructs. Most of the paintings in this series are meditations on the syncretism between ancient concepts and modern reformulations, often inspired by Amerindian sources.  Another series engages with fantasy worlds, including surfer cats, mysterious journeys, and witches whose occupations provide explanations for natural phenomena. It also includes illustrations for my novel (written with my husband, Lincoln Taiz) Libra, the Cat Who saved Silicon Valley.

My most recent science history publication is Flora UnveiledThe Discovery and Denial of Sex in Plants. Also written with  Lincoln Taiz, Flora Unveiled is available through all good bookshops, Amazon, or direct from Oxford University Press

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At the Garden Wall 1


Lee Taiz

Epiphytic Cactus: Sunrise 

Epiphytic Cactus: Sunset

Epiphytic Cactus: Sunset


Orchids and Poison Dart Frogs

Orchids and Poison Dart Frogs




Moth Orchids


Belle Story


Confetti Orchids


Wild Hollyhocks, Greece


Spice Bush


Pinata Roses and Blue Witch


From the Summer Garden


At the Garden Wall 2


Under the Eves






Summer Afternoon


Two More Votes for Shade-Grown Coffee




Two Votes for Shade Grown Coffee


Orchid Fancier


Musa Paradisica





Allegory and Symbolism


Xochiquetzal, Our Lady of Flowers


Chalciuhtilicue, Our Lady of the Waters


Tower of Ivory


Good Friday


Coyolxauhqui Re-Membered


Chocomecoatl, Our Lady of Abundance


Dream of Oaxaca


Afternoon in the Garden




Mission San Juan Bautista


Carmel Mission


Mission San Diego


Mission Santa Barbara


Mission San Miguel


At Gortyn, Crete


Crusader Wall, Akko, Israel

View from the Castle, Molvos, Lesbos



Hanging the Stars


Winter Solstice-Rekindling the Candles of the Sun


Bringing the Harvest




Surf Cat


Journey by Night


The Rescuers


Libra, The Cat Who Saved Silicon Valley


all images copyright by Lee Taiz.